TruckSkin® Truck Wraps

Turn your truck into a mobile billboard without the restriction of a set location. Down every road your message is displayed 24/7.

Our high resolution, digitally-printed adhesive graphics adhere to the sides and back door of your truck to create instant dynamic advertising. Your adhesives provide protection from harmful UV rays. These are professionally installed. These graphics are perfect for trucks with side doors.

Get a Custom Quote within 24 hours. TruckSkin® will take your truck specifications with artwork and work up a custom quote for you. Pricing information

TruckSkin® is a mobile billboard, telling your story in a big way. High resolution graphics can depict logos, photographs, illustrations and more in great detail, providing excellent marketing exposure.

Dynamic. Efficient. Durable.

  • Full color, dynamic graphics
  • Creates a powerful "referral" effect
  • Graphics can be tailored to demographics
  • A mobile billboard
  • Creates a positive impression
  • Lasts for years

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